Claire Hall
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"Sushi" sandwiches for kids.  Directions    1.Slice the cheddar cheese and cucumber into long thin pieces.  2.Cut the crusts off the bread.  3.Roll the cheese, cucumbers, cream cheese and turkey up in a piece of white bread. I also added mustard to some.  4.Slice the roll in half. Slicing with a knife helps make the roll stick.  5.Place on a plate like real sushi and watch your guests eat them up!

Snacks - Lunch for Kids - Sushi Sandwiches Roll cheddar cheese, cucumbers, cream cheese and turkey up in a piece of wheat bread. She also added mustard to some.

Super simple, but it was the FIRST thing gone at our birthday party for my daughter!

The perfect birthday party treat, these Rainbow Fruit Cups are so easy to make. Colorful and festive, these individually portioned appetizers are great for celebrating with friends!

A great list of fun projects to do with your cookie cutters!

Use a cookie cutter to make cucumber flowers. And then you don't have to peel them! Includes a recipe for Garden Fresh Herbed Cucumber "Flower" Bites. Would be nice on cucumber sandwiches for a shower or tea.

Barbie Birthday Cake Idea. My oldest is too old, but hoping someday my youngest will play with Barbies.

I was looking for ideas for Barbie birthday cakes with a friend of mine and was totally amazed at how many beautiful and creative Barbie cakes are out there. I love the detail on this Barbie cakeā€¦