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I finished building my rustic vanity and it's so cozy I want to cry.

Makeup Room Ideas room DIY (Makeup room decor) Makeup Storage Ideas For Small Space - Tags: makeup room ideas, makeup room decor, makeup room furniture, makeup room design

Simple steps for staying organized

simple steps to staying organized; now how do I get my family to help me out with this! *Need to post this in every room of the house!

One of the keys to college success is knowing how to get and stay organized as a student

One of the keys to college success is knowing how to get and stay organized. If you don’t learn this skill early on, you may find yourself wasting time on unimportant tasks, while missing out on .

20 Quick Tips for Better Time Management

Time Management is a Habit. Here are some tips to help you form the proper time management habits. If you find these helpful, you should try our Agendas, theyre designed to not only improve your Time Management skills but also your Century Life Skills.

Get things done with these 9 simple productivity tips

I definitely need to start using these tips! 9 tips to increase your focus for getting things done - good life hack for getting your life in order.

The Organized College Student – How to be a Dean’s Lister

At the end of the semester I really want to make it to the Dean’s list. I’m trying really hard to bring that C up to at least a B so I can make the Dean’s list.

An Example of How to Stay Organized in your Binder

I'm pretty organized when it comes to my planner. but this person has it all together! Love it, definitely going to try this! Also she has pretty handwriting

Organized Charm: Top 10 Semester Essentials

Organized Charm: Top 10 Semester Essentials A lot of stuff that applies to college COULD be applied to any classes.

How to keep on track and get things going!

LaSCM Learn the goal-setting process. LaSCM Appy time-management and task-management skills. Begin a discussion on goal setting and time management using these 15 tips.

Are you taking a step in the right direction? Are you headed in the direction you want to be going in? Take a minute to reflect on that small or big step you can take to move forward in the direction you want to be going in!

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step. What great words of wisdom! Taking that first step is always the hardest. Fear is a hindrance. Step past it.

So simple but so true! If you find that you studied as hard as you could and didn't do as well as you would have liked, change things up! If you don't do something different, you will simply stay the same!

Work Smarter Not Harder- Dad's favorite words of wisdom.