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Instant Feijoa Ice Cream by Nadia Lim | NadiaLim.com
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Instant Feijoa Ice Cream - Nadia Lim

Here’s an easy delicious way to use up all those feijoas…. feijoa ice cream!

Chocolate Feijoa Cake - I tried feijoas in New Zealand and they smell and taste almost like bubblegum. This cake would be delicious if I could only get hold of some Feijoas!
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Chocolate Feijoa Cake - Ang Sarap

Chocolate Feijoa Cake, a magical combination of rich cocoa and feijoa pulp baked to perfection

This feijoa paste is a delicious treat. You can either eat it as a sweet on its own or add it to your next cheese board.
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Feijoa Paste Recipe | Love Food Hate Waste

This feijoa paste is a delicious treat. You can either eat it as a sweet on its own or add it to your next cheese board.

<p>These are different yet completely delightful and meant to be. Everyone will love them.</p>
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Feijoa Fritters 50g butter 1/4 cup white sugar (I used citrus sugar) 1 cup flour pinch of salt 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1 egg 3/4 cup milk 1/2 cup feijoa flesh, finely diced
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Feijoa Pikelets (aka Feijoa Fritters for the finicky)

I have an ulterior motive with most of my cooking ideas: in this instance, with the fruit fall from my overburdened feijoa tree, feijoa just had to feature.

This is the recipe I used for the Feijoa & Lime meringue pie. Ultra yummy. Again using my own pastry recipe.
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feijoa & lime meringue pie

This delicious sounding meringue-topped feijoa pie comes from a very beautiful hand stitched publication, The Hungry Girls Cookbook. Three talented friends Rachel Pitts, Leah Holscher and Katherine…

Feijoa Cake
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Feijoa Cake | annabellewhite.com

Feijoa brownies by HungryandFrozen blogger from Wellington.
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to fruits, to no absolutes

I had a wonderful weekend at home, but I feel a bit talked out on the subject of RENT. All the way up to Auckland in the car my family and Tim politely listened while I talked about it anticipationally, and all the way through dinner afterwards and on the drive home I was generously…

Feijoa Vodka Liqueur
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Feijoa Vodka Liqueur

I've seen this recipe over and over when I have been hunting for feijoa recipes, so I figure it must be ok. Unfortunately you don't get to...

Feijoa Season! Feijoa and Almond Loaf Uses Lots of Feijoas!

A delicious and easy feijoa and almond loaf

Bottled feijoas Recipe | Allyson Gofton. I really need to get some of these in the cupboard for when the kids come home to visit.
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Bottled feijoas | Allyson Gofton

With their highly perfumed flavour and firm texture, feijoas are ideal for bottling. The excessive amount of fruit on Sophie's tree, which was abundantly covered when we visited, usually finds its way to the preserving pan and into jars each year. Her recipe, which uses a light syrup and the over-flow method of bottling, is quick and simple to make. Sophie says when the tree is laden she can bottle up to half a dozen jars before breakfast or after dinner to avoid having to throw any away.

Feijoa sorbet yummy made some today
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Four (or is it Five?) Fantastic Feijoa Recipes!

Well the feijoas are falling from the trees thick and fast. While we have a tree, as does my mother - and usually this is enough to keep us...

Made with my two hands: In the kitchen making Feijoa Alcohol!!
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Made with my two hands: In the kitchen making Feijoa Alcohol!!