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Chakra Meditation Cards por ARTMOMSLLC en Etsy

all handmade cards on recycled board.made and blessed with reiki love each pack comes with 7 cards .each with the chakra symbol and mantra of its color Red- Root Chakra I do I am Orange-Sacral Chakra I feel I want Yellow- Solar Plexus Ch

Aura Color Test

The Aura Color Test provides you with deep psychic insight, and will help you live a better life based on the color of your Aura.


Wholesaling handcrafted soap can be quite profitable if done right. I’m always surprised to hear the arguments against wholesale, but I think they come out of fear, lack of planning and knowing your true costs.

Tarot Spread: For Crazy Brains

Numerology Reading - How to use tarot for self care with this simple spread. When anxiety and depression wont lift, this is the only spread you need to snap out of the funk. - Get your personalized numerology reading