Love these colours for the exterior. And the garden for near front entrance/garage

Chionochloa flavicans - mini toe toe and red Phormium species - flax make a great texture colour combo

Libertia Peregrinans, Full Bloom Mikoikoi, Wandering Chilean Iris, New Zealand Iris, Gold-Leaf New Zealand Iris, Orange Libertia

Extremely eye-catching with its stiff, sword-shaped golden green leaves shaded with orange, Libertia peregrinans (New Zealand Iris) is a rhizomatous perennial which adds sparkles to the border! Slightly fragrant, pure small white, iris-like blossoms a

Lose the damn lawn mower. Replacing the front lawn with lush ornamental grasses cuts down on work and saves water. When you choose a variety of colors and heights, they can add more interest than a traditional lawn.

// Vineyard Retreat by Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture. Photography by Matthew Millman

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