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Holgate 2017 - 8.jpg

Holgate 2017 - 8.jpg

Instructible...Gypsy Vardo Wagon diy

For many years I have been interested in Gypsy Wagons or "vardos" and western sheepherder wagons. As it isn't practical for me to have an authentic,.

‘Bridging Home’ is an outdoor installation by Korean artist Do Ho Suh, originally commissioned for the Liverpool Biennial in 2010 and currently part of Roundtable: 9th Gwangui Biennale at the Tate Modern. Made of a steel structural frame and finished with marine plywood, ‘Bridging Home’ was installed at an angle to highlight the sense of tension between the traditional Korean architecture of the miniature house and the more British architecture of its neighbors.

Bridging Home - South Korean artist Do Ho Suh’s ‘Bridging Home’ is an installation built between two houses in the Liverpool, UK. The structure is designed as a traditional Korean sense, which is planted above ground, at an angle. The building explores th

Road Work: 10 Pointed Examples of Traffic Cone Art

When it comes to utility in the service of street safety, orange traffic cones stand alone… except when they stand together and the result is called Art.