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I have no idea if it works -it seems unlikely-but what have you got to lose? Try it, let me know.

Hold a thought for just 17 seconds and the law of attraction kicks in. Hold a thought for 68 seconds and things move;

Leaving gives you more emotional strength and power in the relationship by moving you further out of the narcissist’s control, and (s)he doesn’t want that to happen. So, (s)he'll do anything to try to stop you.

It& no surprise that with the increasing popularity of yoga in Western culture, that chakras have also come to the forefront as more of a buzzword than lofty New Age ideal.

"LAW OF ATTRACTION" MEDITATION: The science of getting rich in all areas of your life - YouTube

LAW OF ATTRACTION with binaural affirmations Use this secret method of Law of attraction on a regular basis to help you and inspire you to make it to where y.

DIY Galaxy Hand Soap Slime!! How to Make Slime Without Glue ,Baking Soda,Borax or Shaving Cream - YouTube

How to make Galaxy Slime with Hand Soap! Slime without glue,liquid starch,detergent,flour,shampoo or baking soda. All you need to make this slime are Hand w.