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Limited edition photos taken by New Zealand landscape photographers! Proceeds are donated to environmental charities.
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Winters Jewels

Autumn had finally choked summer and winter was gracing us with her chill presence. I wanted to see what the Cascade gardens looked like now that the seasons had changed.

Meteor Shower

We were staying in Whistler and heard tale of the earth passing through a band of meteors!

Cinnamon Bear

Cinnamon bears are darn cute! They are actually a black bear and pretty docile if you don’t get too close.

Light House at Cape Reinga

Light House at Cape Reinga

Snow White

The scant branches protruding from the white blanket and the almost perfect shape of the snow cap on the rock was a pleasant sight, I thought.

Petal Row

Gerberas definitely have a wonderfully happy look about them. Perhaps it’s their bright and many colours or maybe the way their skinny petals fan out.

Lone Tree of Wanaka

Lone Tree of Wanaka


It was just a normal dark winters morn. The sun looked as though it would never show, not through the amount of thick cloud encasing the sky. Eventually the clouds.