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Khadi on Twitter

“Hello #ArtistsofSEA I'm Khadi and I'm a Malay artist from the hottt sunny city of Kuala Lumpur!!!!!”

[/r/ReasonableFantasy] Commission by Nipuni

/r/ImaginaryBestOf features the best of the Imaginary Network Expanded (INE). We select and re-post one piece of brilliant artwork each day from...

Alzeriel Folha Rubra, A Rainha do Outono

annnnnd the two half body commissions I’ve been sitting on forever. Bless my commissioners for being so patient with me. But I really like the way these turned out!! ✨ Commission Info ✨

let mine be the last sacrifice

[personal - please feel free to reply but do not reblog] Hi guys! I’ve gotten a couple concerned messages from you guys, and I just wanted to apologise for my absence! I’m pretty open about having an...

Briseis, Reliah A. Szade

Portrait commission, my client's rpg character - Briseis. I love Brises' personality and aura, I'm happy I'll be working with her again soon. You can also visit my IG account: instagram.com/miss_reliah or support me here:

elfa rpg

O R2PG é um site de entretenimento com foco em RPG de mesa, aqui vamos falar sobre formas de incrementar a diversão em sua mesa!

Lost Ones - Sidhe bounty hunter, Matt Forsyth

Some of my recent work for the board game "Lost Ones" which has lots of classic fantasy elements - it is still in production but you can learn more about it here! https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/251198/lost-ones

Realmslayer Blood by Johan Grenier

A place to share and appreciate fantasy and sci-fi art featuring reasonably portrayed women.

realistic zelda

“Dark Horse Deluxe The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild: Link Figure is 25% off https://t.co/J8853Uvsdd”


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[OC] Aelyn, the Drunken Half-Elf Monk : characterdrawing

[OC] Aelyn, the Drunken Half-Elf Monk

[OC] Aelyn, the Drunken Half-Elf Monk : characterdrawing