Egyptian art

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Royal Tombs at The Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt

Crowns Undoubtedly, the best-known element of costumes of the Egyptian pharaoh was their own crowns, of which there were numerous examples. The most common and best known are: 1- The Hedjet Crown or White Crown , symbol of Upper Egypt. 2- The Desheret Crown or Red Crown , symbol of Lower Egypt. 3- The Crown …

Ceremonial Chair of Tutankhamun displayed in the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities (Egyptian Museum)

Step inside the different rooms and vaults that have been discovered to be contained within King Tut treasures of the Golden Pharaoh tomb.

tumba de Menna TT69 , Sheikh abd el-Qurna , Luxor , Valle de los Nobles .Escriba Menna , Reinado de Tutmosis IV ?

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Egypt.The Private Tomb of Sennefer on the West Bank at Luxor

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Ka Statue of King Hor This statue was excavated in...

Ka Statue of King HorThis statue was excavated in 1894 in the tomb of king Hor that was found by a team of excavators under the direction of Jacques de Morgan. The tomb is located north of the pyramid...

The Golden Age of Egypt: High Culture, Architecture, Archeology and Art - Dynasties XVIII - XX-African Historiography

This was an age wherein human being saw the development of archeology, art, and architecture of Egypt lead the way in the world with its magnificence, glamor and grandeur.. This was the Golden Ages.


The ceiling of the Hathor Temple has recently been cleaned in a careful way that removed hundreds of years of black soot without harming the ancient paint underneath. As a result of this cleaning, spectacular ceiling painting has been exposed in the main hall, and some of the most vibrant and colourful paintings dating from antiquity are now visible.

King Tutankhamun's golden throne chair. Detail of the back close up

Most of the Egyptian pharaohs are remembered because they were great conquering soldiers or because they built gigantic temples and tombs. Tutankhamun was neither a great soldier nor a great builder; however he is the best known of the pharaohs

Egipt - Medinet Habu

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King Tutankhamun's Cartouche Cosmetic Box. Carter240. Tomb of King Tut.

Many fans usually emphasize King Tut with qualifiers such as "the boy king". However, the truth is

King Tut treasures

Step inside the different rooms and vaults that have been discovered to be contained within King Tut treasures of the Golden Pharaoh tomb.