Deanna Takarua

Deanna Takarua

Deanna Takarua
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Hey I'm Paige Lopez my favorite sister is Brooke I'm very known and I'm a drama queen I'm 16 and single my closest friends are maddie Kenzie Chloe and kendall~Paige

I'm an AUNT! My sister had her baby girl Madelyn Harley Rose! I love you and miss you Megan. I can't wait to see my niece baby Madelyn!

Everyone is showing their dresses, but you all will have to wait for mine. A of right now, no date-Kalani

Fc: Kalani Hilliker) Hey I'm Kalani! I'm 15 years old! I'm dancer at Abby Lee Dance Company! I enjoy acting and modeling!

Happy girl :) - Merry Christmas everyone

Hey I'm Mackenzie but call me Kenzie or Kenz or Mack Z! My sis is maddie. She overprotective of me. I dance at ALDC! My mom is Melissa. My BFF is Brynn!