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So true! So glad life is more than discussing others. Travel, volunteer, discuss ideas, current events, read a your life! Don't worry about someone else's business.

Great minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, Small minds discuss People… # New years resolution is cut out the gossip. I dont want to hear about your drama!


Funny pictures about I'm going to hell. Oh, and cool pics about I'm going to hell. Also, I'm going to hell.


The struggle is real. "bitch I know I said I wanted to lose weight but I'm hungry"

what did you hear?

Free Funny and Witty Ecard: when-someone-asks-weekend-ask-why-what-did-you-hear-ecard

. colebello funny pics

I looked like this this morning! That is my face when i wake up when the alarm clock goes off . Cause its like reeeeeaally do i have to get up and that is also how my hair looks when i wake up:-V

How you treat animals

"No matter how talented, rich or intelligent you are, how you treat animals tells me all I need to know about you.

Gentleman's Guide

Gentlemen: "A real gentleman is not simply full of sweet talk. Prove to her you're a man, and live the words you speak." ---A Guide.