What's cuter than cute animals? Why cute animals covered in snow of course! Start your day with a smile with these adorable pictures.

Beautiful horse

"You cannot trap his spirit, or be his master, for his soul alone is purer; his body rippled with muscle, more powerful. His heart more forgiving than your own.

Dutch draft horse stallion - Astor van de Vliert

He looks like a giant stone statue :) Dutch draft horse stallion named Astor van de Vliert

Wow - absolutely beautiful Fresian horse.

Friesians & Feathers Johnnie SWM 52 Pisces GOAL: Four In Hand; Friesian Stallions Of Course! Most of these pictures are not mine, all credit goes to owner, if you own the copyright and would like me to remove anything please let me know.

Beautiful ... Equine love

Dashing through the snow. Love this pic, wish I had it on our Christmas Cards. Looks just like the ranches 4 horse hitch of Percherons. Horse Wagons and Sleds. Horses Learn about www.

Gorgeous spotted horse taking a drink out of the creek.

"Gorgeous spotted horse taking a drink out of the creek. sent me this one when I mentioned that I was working on one of my equine boards especially for my youngest grandchild, who loves to ride horses.