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Well said.... Albert Einstein

Well said.... Albert Einstein

7 Brilliant ways to start Any Presentation

7 brilliant ways to start any presentation

When you speak in front of an audience, you have about a minute to capture people's attention, establish credibility, and motivate them to listen.

Waitangi Day Story Book - montessorikiwi

Waitangi Day Story Book

A story book for New Zealand years 2-4 (aged 6-9) that introduces and explains the Treaty of Waitangi and Waitangi Day in language young children can understand. Ideal for the start of your discussion on Waitangi Day. NOTE: This book does not cover every single thing that happened before, during or after the Treaty was signed. Please look at the preview which features all of the book to see if this resource meets your needs. This 7 page book helps students understand-what the Treaty is-what…

What is EI

Early Intervention Services

This document can answer your frequently asked questions on ‘What an Early Intervention Evaluation’ looks like. It includes the 5 areas we, as SLPs, are focusing in on

Presentation Evaluation Form #presentation #evaluation #form

Sample Evaluation, Evaluation

Presentation Evaluation Form #presentation #evaluation #form

Course Evaluation Form

The 4 Training Evaluation Levels You Need to Know

A vital piece of any training should be evaluating the effectiveness of your instruction. Use these four levels of evaluation to assess your courses!