Comic book make up for Halloween. Amazing

Mindi this would be a great Halloween costume. You & Jimbo could go as comic book characters! Comic book make up

Cat in a hat...literally!

See dozens of cute cats in costume for Halloween,. A Costume for Your Cat or Not ? Are you dressing up your pets for Halloween? Did you pick out a costume for the cat? I wonder what they would say if they could talk. I am convinced that cats would …

Cookie Monster

Inspirational Cookie Monster - Today me will live in the moment unless it’s unpleasant in which case me will eat a cookie.

Dog Didn't Move For 20 Minutes Because Kitten Was Sleeping On Her cute animals dogs cat adorable dog puppy animal pets kitten heart warming


How hard is it to remember? Don't get Nicki Minaj wet. Don't feed Nicki Minaj after midnight.

awesome child's halloween costume

Little Old Lady Halloween Costume - this is the most adorable/hilarious thing ever! I wouldn't really dress Holly like this, but I just think it's super funny!

This is so awesome.

This is the famous trademark logo of the movie studio MGM. Does anyone know what MGM stood for? Also did the lion have a name? - question and answer in the Movies club

i just wanna make nice things and get enough sleep

a daily thought of mine .I just wanna make nice things and get enough sleep