Christmas light strand tutorial. Super cute! I want to make these... I wonder if I will have time this year... -TeCHS

This Christmas lights paper garland is a simple project that will level up your holiday decor and maybe even give the kids something to do on a stormy day.

Magnetic Maori Days of Week | Teaching Resources

Magnetic Maori days of the week is a useful daily classroom resource which shows the Days of the Week in Maori and the English translation underneath.

Magnetic Maori Alphabet | Teaching Resources

Magnetic Maori Alphabet shows each letter of the alphabet and a familiar image beginning with the letter with the Maori and English translation written alongside. Help teach alphabet recognition, letter sounds, early spelling and

Magnetic Maori Body Parts | Teaching Resources

Magnetic Maori Body Parts features body parts listed in Maori with the English translation written alongside. A large picture of a Maori Doll is included and can be used to label each body part

Maori Flag

This national Maori flag – Tino Rangatiratanga, is manufactured out of durable nylon fabric. Designed by three female Maori artists, it first flew in 1990 and in 2010 was flown over parliament buildings