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Feijoa Muffins

They made 19 muffins, although they did stick to the cases, however once they had cooled dow they peeled off perfectly!

Feijoa Jelly Recipe | Allyson Gofton

Feijoa Jelly This says to strain with a jelly bag. All of the old hand jellymakers online say to use an old pillowcase - it works better and holds more.

Rosé Sangria With Pineapple and Guava

Rosé Sangria With Pineapple and Guava

This comes from the June 2009 issue of Bon Appetit magazine. Cook time is chilling time, but its best to make this a day ahead. Posted for Mexico - ZWT

Pineapple Guava Jam

Here is a step-by-step guide to making jam out of pineapple guavas, with two recipes and photos.

Feijoa and honey loaf Recipe | Allyson Gofton Super yummy. Works as muffins too. Bake for 15-20mins

Feijoa and honey loaf Allyson Gofton - Will cook on lower temperature next time.

Three Feijoa Recipes | Dish Now that I am living in NZ and we have one of these plants in our backyard, might as well learn what I can make with them.

Once you& had your share of fresh feijoas, here are three simple recipes that make the most of the ephemeral fruit.

This is the recipe I used for the Feijoa & Lime meringue pie. Ultra yummy. Again using my own pastry recipe.

feijoa & lime meringue pie

This delicious sounding meringue-topped feijoa pie comes from a very beautiful hand stitched publication, The Hungry Girls Cookbook. Three talented friends Rachel Pitts, Leah Holscher and Katherine…

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