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At first this would just seem like a cool tattoo of some nature. I fact this is a soundwave of a father saying the word "Babydoll" to his daughter. A special request to represent a nickname and a loving memory of a girl and her father in a familiar setting outdoors fishing. Tattoo by @thebutcherbrand Model is @lil912 (Shared by @yaseen_uk) www.artfido.com by artfido on Instagram

This is not just a cool tattoo of two people fishing. It's also the image of the sound wave produced when a father says the word "babydoll" to his daughter. A tattoo with serious meaning. Tattoo by

Geometric spiritual unalome mandala pioyr szot

Geometric spiritual unalome mandala pioyr szot This would be dope as a leg piece (up the whole leg), with more intricate detailing and stipling!

This dog, for whom we are all happy.

sign for letting others know you're safely leaving your dog in the car on a hot day: Please don't break the window! The A/C is on. He has water, and he is listening to his favorite music.


Random Pictures Of The Day - 75 Pics This kid had a panic attack while meat maroon So the whole band layed on the ground with him until he felt better