Dave Ashburn

Dave Ashburn

New Zealand / New Zealand Artist and Mechanic
Dave Ashburn
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a deep-fried dough style (in Russian)

Strawberry snack hack!

Use dehydrator to dry Strawberries - taste like candy but are healthy and natural. (In oven: 3 hours at 210 degrees)

9 Amazing Cauliflower Carb Swaps

Learn How To Use Cauliflower In So Many Ways With These 9 Amazing Cauliflower Carb Swaps

Gift This! 3 Minute 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge | Sprinkle Bakes

Gift This!

World's Most Expensive Wooden Surfboard Launches: $1.3 Million

Paulownia, Wood SUP kits, Wood paddleboard plans, Wood Surfboard Kit

WoodyMac, Inc. is raising funds for WoodyMac - Magnetic Building Blocks (Canceled) on Kickstarter! Wooden, magnetic, architectural toy - a building block set for boys, girls and fun loving adults.

Paulownia surfboard in the making

Paulownia surfboard in the making

Mike Sheldrake’s boards are just fiberglass skin over computer-cut cardboard.

Made On Earth — Cardboard Shredder

wooden sup designs | Photos 1

wooden sup designs

By @elainepaddleco

By @elainepaddleco