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Threading beads challenge of the week

Threading beads- use larger numbers for key stage 1 to promote number and fine motor skills

10 Playful Spatial Reasoning Provocations – inspired by play

As our kindergarten team continues to learn more about children and their development in spatial thinking and reasoning, we are continually searching for and creating meaningful provocations and ex…

The many benefits of messy play

According to one study by psychologist Samuelson, allowing a child to engage in messy play, like throwing around food like porridge, jello and other messy food, allows them to gather sensory information and learn how different objects have a certain shape

I think this will be great to have on display using pictures of our own students participating in these activities. Parents can see their child playing and understand how that particular play helps them learn.

self portrait blocks .this would be an excellent way to display children's artwork on individual cubbies to show their self-expression through their own artwork