Just wanted to share one of my first seventh grade art projects.  I asked each student to make a cut paper flip flop and cover it with a personal collage.  Every single one turned out awesome!  I hung them in a walking trail in the hallway outside my room just in time for Open House with a sign that said, “Look who strolled into the Art room .

Intro project - flip flops made of sturdy material (tag board?), collage with magazines, tell about student in a & you been? (could also be & you going?& theme and at end of school year)

Manuka honey www.lovehealsus.net

Potency and extraordinary healing benefits of Manuka honey - Step Into My Green World

NZ currency - top to bottom: Sir Edmund Hillary (first man to climb Mt. Everest 1953), Kate Sheppard (NZ women's rights activist 1893), Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of British Commonwealth Realms 1952-present), Apirana Ngata (NZ politician 1905-1943), Ernest Rutherford (NZ nuclear physicist, Nobel prize in Chemistry 1908)

NZ currency - Ed Hillary, Kate Sheppard, QEII, Apirana Ngata, Ernest Rutherford -


Maori style kiwi pattern, very easy to make into a beautiful pillow, framed artwork or maybe even as part of a quilt.