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David Hilliard distorts his image by opposing images by taking two photos of contrasting events, e. whats happening above the table, contrasted with what's happening below.

Photographed by David Hilliard

Piece of autobiography. Photos of father From an early age, looking to his grandfather’s and father’s hobby - photography, David Hilliard began his own remarkable and.

Hug, 2008 | David Hilliard

Available for sale from The Schoolhouse Gallery, David Hilliard, C-print, 24 × 20 in

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David Hilliard creates large scale multi-paneled photographs, based on his life or the lives of people around him. He received a BFA from the Mas.

Mary Remembering, 2008 | David Hilliard

Mary Remembering, 2008 David Hilliard: Intimacies Opening Reception: March 2014 @ pm Exhibition Dates: March 2014 - May 2014 David Hilliard:

Daybooks (Triptych) - David Hilliard

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