Douglas Fraser

Douglas Fraser

Douglas Fraser
More ideas from Douglas has a guide on some mountain bikes that can be brought along on a RV road trip.

If it were easy, it be fun. the type of person who faces challenges with a grin and firm glutes. Grab this smartphone wallpaper as a daily reminder that got what it takes to get to the top.

Neat visual showing where your body uses which leg muscles on a #bike. #YMCA

Seeing the muscles used in each pedal stroke reveals why sometimes it hurts. Cycling on one leg is necessary training. Find out how cycling on one leg can improve your cycling efficiency.

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Muscle used cycling

Take a detailed look at which muscles apply power during the phases of your pedal stroke. Then learn how to build those muscles to help you ride faster and stay injury free.

Video: How To Climb Roots on a Mountain Bike in 3 Easy Steps | Singletracks Mountain Bike News

Learn how to climb roots on a mountain bike in 3 easy steps using the rarely-told Saddle Stop mountain bike climbing technique. You'll climb over uphill root.