Jo Fothergill

Jo Fothergill
New Zealand / Learning, unlearning, relearning.
Jo Fothergill
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A Cheap, Accurate Cancer Sensor, Created By A 15-Year-Old

A pancreatic cancer test that is less expensive, can detect the cancer 168 times faster than current tests!

FREE Engineering Design Process poster! Great to use with STEM/STEAM challenges.

Engineering Design Process Poster: Teaching students to use the basic engineering design process gives them tools to become independent problem solvers! Use this bright visual as a poster and/or handout for your young engineers.

How you can gets Hands-On with the Maker Movement in the Classroom. Use this summer to test out some projects!

Have you heard of the Maker movement? If not, imagine a classroom where students learn though hands-on experimentation, design, tinkering, and trial and error. (Via we are teachers)