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Easy idea to make canvas art when you don't have the best artistic abilities.

lay doilie on canvas. LEAVE IN PLACE (doilie will apprear white). lay second doilie on canvas. doilie will apprear in colour used in step remove both doilies = instant and awesome art

Hanging Yarn Lanterns

Hanging Yarn Lanterns Light the night with your creativity. Impress guests with these unique wedding lanterns. All it takes are a few balloons, yarn and Stiffy® Fabric Stiffener to make it great. Designed by Plaid® Design Studio.


Drying my herbs - Oregano, Thyme & Parsley - Happy Money Saver

How to make dream catcher! How cool!!!

How to make dream catcher! @ DIY Home Ideas ~ for loose apt-mates ! grant wants a dream catcher

Canvas art project made with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol (parental supervision required).

Sharpie and rubbing alcohol art project on canvas with incredible results! Fun project for the kids.

Whispering Earth - An excellent blog for anyone who wants to learn more about herbs.

Whispering Earth // Herbal Infused Honeys - an excellent idea for the cold weather!