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Richard Trendall

Richard Trendall
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What to do you with your bad beer.

Wondering what to do with a multi-gallon batch of oops? Here are some tasty and practical solutions.

Off Flavors in Beer

This is a fantastic easy-to-brew recipe for new homebrewers that will help develop their skills, but still result in a delicious, gluten-free beer.

11 Mistakes Every New Homebrewer Makes | The Mad Fermentationist - Homebrewing Blog

Luckily I had a good advisor and I didnt make manynof these mistakes. but a couple of them im glad I finally saw as mistakes. 11 Mistakes Every New Homebrewer Makes

How to Brew Small-Batch Beer in Your Kitchen Chow: Despite the "oh, this is the EASY way!" talk at the beginning, this will still require some specialty equipment/ingredients and is a teeny bit intimidating. But it might be doable.