Day 4: January Blog Challenge #15DBC

In honor of Business Etiquette Awareness Week, AdMix Social wants you to be aware of proper social media etiquette when managing your business’s presence online.

Day 9: January Blog Challenge #15DBC

Gifted Challenges: Stress management toolbox: Nine tips for parents of gifted children

Day 7: January Blog Challenge #15DBC

Magnifying on Word Results by razihusin. Magnifying on Word Results

Day 5: January Blog Challenge #15DBC

How to de-stress in just 2 hours with yoga. Yoga can help relieve stress. Get more stress management tips at Women's Health & Fitness

Day 1: January Blog Challenge #15DBC

Day 1: January Blog Challenge #15DBC

The ‘15 Days to Freedom Blog Challenge’. January 15-30, 2015, with Natalie Sisson.

Day Jo Miller writes "I instantly loved today's challenge on so many levels, because I've been practicing the art of letting go for most of my adult life. For today's journal, I'm going to choose letting go of judgement.