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32 Spelling Task Cards. Activities include Rainbow Writing, Alphabetical Order, Sentence Writing, Pyramid Words, Hidden Words, Vanishing Words, Syllable Sorter, Vowel Finder, Rhyming Time, Word Chooser, Draw Your Words, Word Scrambler, Word Search, Word Meanings, Story Time, Acrostic Poem, Spelling Hangman, Magazine Search, Smaller Words, Cool Words, Triple Words, Synonyms, Stamp Words, Backward Words, Backward Alphabet, Magnetic Words, Letter Colors, Bubble Letters, Comic Strip.

Make spelling fun again with these 32 task cards! So many activities including Rainbow Writing, Alpha Order, Hidden and Vanishing Words. A mix of classic activities and creative ideas to engage the kiddos!

Set up a "homework options" chart. Maybe put a weekday at the top of each column, allow them to choose from that column. Staple to the top of all completed hw on Friday, with their choice for each night colored in/signed.

Spelling 2 - Instead of students using their spelling words in a sentence for homework. This Spelling Menu gives students more freedom and options in their spelling homework. Students must choose a different menu item every night of the week for homework.

Say It, Make It, Write It Free Printable Mats - How to Use Them Six Different Ways. Find out how to use this one free printable resource in your classroom 6 ways! Perfect for literacy centers, literacy work stations, sight word practice or even your maths centers | you clever monkey

Literacy Center Ideas for Kindergarten and Preschool - Sharing more literacy center ideas to try in your classroom! Perfect for year olds as they learn to read and write, recognise rhyme, syllables, beginning letter sounds