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Mary lambert, body love / I know girls

Mary lambert, body love / I know girls girls like us are hardly ever wanted

I normally dislike these.this one, on the other hand, I like.

Always be a unicorn

or The Mother of Dragons.then be The Mother of Dragons.would it be weird if I named one my kids Dragon?

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Slow lorises -- Despite its toxic bite and the fact that the 2007 CITES conference banned international transport of the animal, the slow loris is a prized pet (with a reputation for enjoying tickles), making it a target for animal traffickers.


It was a man. Some sort of cat man. View "Cat Used as Creepy Mask" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

This photo is effective in that it is a big ship on a little waterfall. It does look realistic, though one would hope that is isn't. It is effective in how the water where the boat is split to make room for the boat