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Hello my lovelies! I'm Elentiya Greenshield and I love to be creative, artistic, sarcastic, friendly and happy!
Elentiya Greenshield
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Ridiculous pet super heros

I can imagine their conversation. Boys, dafuq is this? Getting real tired of your shit, you man children. Were not your effing babysitters! pepper, natasha, loki having a sassy night on the town. Swapping stories about their pet superheroes

Marvel Phase 1 Movies and their real titles --- plus: Agents of Shield: Coulson Gets the Attention He Deserves. <---like I said, they're all the Coulson movie ;

This is exactly how I feel :)):

You mean the new Loki movie with that one guy with the cool hammer who I tolerate as I wait for Loki to come back on screen? This was me when the new 'Thor' movie came out. I literally only went because of Loki.

Funny because its true.

Once i had to explain to my friend why she couldn't ship herself with Bucky, my best argument was "What would your mother say about the age difference?" < I'm in fangirl love with a 95 year old man, okay? Let us fangirls have our men. I call Steve