&. sarah

&. sarah

nz / be careful who you pretend to be. you might forget who you are.
&. sarah
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New Salem lies next to a thick forest of dying trees. The residents dare not enter the forest--they are afraid of the creatures that are rumored to live there.

" Theo asked." "It's on our motel door," Joey emphasized. "We've been outed. We need to move before this psycho makes a bigger move against us.

A suicide bomber was shot dead by the Afghan security forces before he manage to carry out an attack in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

Quentin Shih — photography - Photos by Quentin Shih, who splits time between New York, Paris, and Beijing.

I won’t survive it if I lose her. I need them all to understand. Her blood is mine. I’m bleeding all over the floor. I won’t survive without her. I need them to understand. (The Reclamation)