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Yes XD

Muggleborns using Muggle references at Hogwarts is one of my favourite things

i love this photo because there’s a guy pretending to be a snake and Emma is like ? bish whet and Daniel and some guy are gonna make out next to them and behind them there’s another guy being angsty.

So true

I can relate to this pin because my hobby is volleyball. I am a middle hitter and I block, left, middle, and right. So, I can relate to this picture because I usually block spikes in the front row.

Lol. Bad ref joke.

Hey ref, get off your knees, you& blowing the game // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Harry Potter humor

Haha, it's true! Everyone says how puberty blessed Neville, but not how growing up cursed Tom Riddle/Voldemort. Seeing this gives me a headache

... Hate it hate it HATE IT!!!... but usually its the coach who wants you to pick someone new -,-

my two friends who I introduced to soccer started pairing up for drills and I introduced them to each other -_-

Haha this is great! Hey Voldemort, you want some aloe on that burn!