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The easiest, and prettiest, house plants to keep alive

The easiest, and prettiest, house plants to keep alive. These are so great for if you are like me and can't take care of plants to save your life but love the liveliness plants bring to a living space.

Gina's peace lily has been going strong for over 6 years and the best thing about this plant is it shows you when it needs water (all the arms of it just ...

We've curated our top 20 hard to kill indoor plants. Rubber plant, mother-in-law's tongue and jade plants are just some of the hardy indoor plants that.

Easy Hanging Planter DIY | A great way to display flowers and plants in a home is to hang them from the ceiling.

A great way to add decorative items to a home is to display some plants. An easy hanging planter is the best way to do this if you enjoy doing DIY projects.

Philodendron cordatum these are really hardy, we grow them at work and they also handle really low light. I reackon 3 hangers could look cool

szobai futóka - Epipremnum Aureum - It is commonly used as a vining ground cover, cascading accent plant, or in a hanging basket. It's heart-shaped leaves look somewhat like the heart-leaf philodendron's.