White gardens

Collection by Shelley Elliott

Large fully double flowers open from white buds and are white flushed with palest pink and very fine red stripes.

Summer Bedding Show Stoppers

Get the summer garden of your dreams with our fantastic range of Summer Bedding Show Stoppers. Pack your flower beds with drifts of colour with our collections of bedding plants. Our pre-order plug plants are delivered to your door at the start of the growing season for a summer of dazzling colour. All our bedding is d

Two of my most favourite native plants.

New Zealand Native Plants

After a serious flirtation with rhododendrons and camellias I am back on track. 2005 is going to be the Year of the New Zealand Native. No more pulling out Pittosporum seedlings or ignoring sale-price Hebes...

NZ Rock Lily Arthropodium | Nadia Gill Landscape Architect


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Indigo Wild White Flower Seeds (Baptisia Australis) 30+Seeds - Under The Sun Seeds - 2

Indigo Wild White Flower Seeds (Baptisia Australis) 30+Seeds

White False Indigo (Baptisia Australis) - Native to the United States, False Indigo grows well from flower seeds,

Check out this awesome plant!

Sedum tatarinowii Thundercloud PP 21833

This Brent Horvath hybrid is one of the few upright sedums I would grow for the foliage alone...very cool. This dwarf rock garden-sized selection of Sedum tatarnowii makes a compact 8" tall x 1' wide clump of tiny, very dissected, light green, fleshy foliage. In late summer, Sedum 'Thundercloud' is topped from early June through September (NC) with a cloud of white stars hovering just above the foliage...this sedum has cute written all over it...writing is removed just prior to shipment.

Ruby Anniversary ™ Abelia - Fragrant and Hardy - Proven Winners - 4" Pot

Ruby Anniversary™ Abelia - Fragrant and Hardy - Proven Winners - 4" Pot

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