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If you are against dogl abuse and cruelty, help stop it by signing petitions whenever they are offered for you to be able to do some good. If you are a compassionate human being this is unacceptable!

The bastards that did this to a dog doing his job need hanging. Then the owner threw him out bcaus he could no longer be a guard dog. WTF is wrong with people? thankfully he is a foster dog failure, the family adore him. I pray they keep him for life. Source: SNARR via The Dodo

FINDS FOSTER HOME! Everyone, meet Anubis! Anubis used to be a guard dog on a certain property in Cairo. And just like any good guard dogs, Anubis would bark at the people who get too close to the property.

Gas chambers. So you’re thinking about giving up your pet? You might want to reconsider. So sad. If you bring a dog or cat (or any pet) into your life, it's your responsibility to care for it FOR LIFE. They are not disposable, they are living beings.

Please, help ban gas chamber "shelters". For those who don't know, gas chambers are sealed cages that have poisonous gas coming in. And "shelters" do this to innocent animals! THIS NEEDS TO STOP!