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If you already had a modern bathroom, this is a good way to bring boho warmth back into it

"She was born wild and curious, A cage is no place for someone like that. "I play with the fire of my own truth" she told me, "I will burn for the things I love" - Mia Hollow A stunning vintage turkish runner, just too beautiful for words

Laying the herringbone pattern at a 45-degree angle to the room is a dynamic look that elongates the room and draws your eye toward the back of the space. i like this <3

Gray floor with wood vanity with white counter. Not sure if I like gray floor with white counter. Gray counter may look more balanced?

Love the brightness of the room, the blues and the plants.

Houseplants are currently enjoying a bit of a moment, with fiddle leaf figs and succulents and mother-in-law's tongues turning up in rooms all over. But these spaces take it to the next level with a veritable jungle of greenery.