Self Portraits by Philipp Banken, via Behance. I need to practice. This is beautiful.

Self Portraits by Philipp Banken, via Behance lots of great examples of different self portraits of the same artist. Great pen and pencil work, with a dynamic angle of the face.

Diem Chau | Crayon Sculptures

Carved Crayons by Diem Chau. He is an Artist who does these amazing crayon designs by commission and enjoys a challenge.

Daniel Galieote

Los Angeles, CA artist Daniel Galieote

Lucy Dawson

Lucy Dawson Terrier Art (she went by "MAC" for some of her best known work, her postcard word for publisher Valentines & Sons) She painted for the Royal family in England as well producing christmas cards and a portrait of the favorite Corgi.

Prints by Angie Mitchell. I really like these.

Prints by Angie Mitchell. Saving these as inspiration for stamps I'd like to carve!

Norman Rockwell Christmas

Old Fashioned Days: Vintage Christmas Advertisements (Normal Rockwell, "Oh Boy! It's Pop with a new Plymouth!