Skim Scan Read Copy / Rec. Live on Behance - created via

I love tracing paper and i really like this layering use of it in this work definitely something I'd love to try and replicate maybe matched with the cutting holes in things idea i mentioned earlier

Image of House slotted card

A double sided slotted card printed in 2 colours on the risograph. Approximately in size and comes cellophane wrapped with a royal blue envelope.

I need this one. Amazing dinosaurs. Amazing Art.

Micah Lidberg with Nobrow Press – Rise and Fall Edition - a concertina book of the creatures of the world as they rise and fall. If I knew what affordable art was I'd think this was it.

Really like the way this publication has been folded through this treatment and style. A different manner than the tradition booklet. This could be a very fun and interactive fold for the booklet publication-guide to the festival. too informal for the manual, but works stronger for the booklet treatment.

Beautiful way to do your design / photography portfolio. Concertina fold, would look good with photography on one side and bold typography on the other.

Molly Brooks :: Shadow Factory accordion book

Shadow Factory by Molly Brooks Double-sided accordion book with cutouts. silkscreen translation of this original pen-and-ink version. Silkscreen printed on bristol.

Animated Anatomies

Animated Anatomies, An Exhibition of Antique Medical Pop-Up Books

Animated Anatomies is an exhibition of anatomical flap books, scholarly predecessors to the children’s pop-up book that were used for medical education as far back as the century.