The process of a cut

For Science class! How a CUT heals. Could have used this for Anatomy & Physiology class this year.

The Respiratory System by Rachel Ignotofsky. $23.00, via Etsy.

"Body Systems", or the anatomy of human body explained through five cute and colorful posters designed by the graphic designer Rachel Ignotofsky: the digestive


Interactive Touch Screen Application Customer: In-house Project Febrary Aying/ Munich, Germany This interactive touch screen presentation is an outstanding example for the importance of.

Anatomical Balloon Dog and Rubber Ducky Models by Jason Freeny

Anatomical Balloon Dog and Rubber Ducky Models by Jason Freeny

My kind of medical illustration - Rachel Ignotofsky

Body Systems, Cute Illustrations That Identify Different Parts of the Human Anatomy

infographic The Nervous System: Anatomy Print via Etsy, by Rachel Ignotofsky.

Vintage Medical Illustration

Heart, French anatomical illustration with a black background Chordae tendinae: heart strings.

CLASSROOM POSTER -CYBERBULLYING - Good reminder of the effect words have on a person.

A good visual poster that simply illustrates the subject matter of cyberbullying. Furthermore, it presents a website students can go to, to report child cyberbullying.

Pulmon y corazon

"Hugs Keep Us Alive" print by Lim Heng Swee (ilovedoodle on etsy). Indeed, I love hugs!

Robert Hunt - The Human Body, illustrations by Cornelius DeWitt

“The Human Body: What it is and how it works” by Mitchell Wilson (Author) and Cornelius De Witt (Illustrator) from

vintage medical book illustration - vision

Vintage Medical Illustration Book Pages Set - Vision Hearing Digestion