Simple Idea, Awesome Result…

Simple Idea, Awesome Result…

Cool Camera trick for the holidays. Simple Idea, Awesome Result… Hole Punches (think scrapbooking) work great for this type of bokeh

DIY cat photography. Let's hope the cat didn't fly away with the balloons!

Theresa Knudson - Photographer Theresa Knudson has two favorite things in this world; her cat Fluffy and taking photographs. In this mini series, Theresa Knudson tak.

Street style : keeping it casual with a black & white stripes top, tucked into black skinny jeans.

Winter Forest, The Netherlands

Winter Forest, The Netherlands. Go to The Netherlands in the winter . i want that so bad

Beautiful Photos Of Foxes By Ivan Kislovvia AmO Images

"fox in the wind" by Ivan Kislov, via The movement oh his fur brings the photo to life makes you feel cold

adorable photo + a great charity | fancy paws // birds of a feather + smitten studio

LA peeps, march Chintomby Chintomby Yates / A House in The Hills is offering up style pup photo sessions to raise money for an amazing cause! click the photo to find out more.


snow winter wolf run wolves Lobo darkness pagan viking norse Odin asatru Dark Ambient ulv


Stunning capture of a wave. there are so many wave pictures out there, but its the ones like this that captivate me. The clarity, the light and the color.

Trolltunga - Norway

Trolltunga - Norway, while I'd never sit on the edge of that thing, it would be awesome to see! From an appropriate, safe and respectful distance!

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