Lot 426, Richard W Orr, watercolour study of an Abocett 10" x 12 1/2", est £400-600

Lot Richard W Orr, watercolour study of an Abocett x 12 est

East Coast Diamondback Terrapin poster

East Coast Diamondback Terrapin poster

Natural History Stamp Designs

Tomislav Tomic is a children's book illustrator and engraver who works traditionally in a highly detailed black line style for children's books, he lives in Croatia.


made by: Enric Huguet , Spanish graphic designer , 'See trough bones' - illustration, pregnancy

Hand Sculpting Progress by =BishonenHouse on deviantART

Hand Sculpting Progress by BishonenHouse- I like how she bakes the white polymer clay onto the armature before she proceeds with the flesh.

Flowers in Progress: Scientific Illustrator Taunts Us with Spring  http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/02/flowers-in-progress-scientific-illustrator-taunts-us-with-spring/

Flowers in Progress by Scientific Illustrator Noel Badges Pugh. Scientific illustrator and artist Noel Badges Pugh has an incredible knack for drawing flor

Echidnas, Genera Mammalium: Monotremata - Marsupalia. Angel Cabrera, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, 1919.

Western Long-Beaked Echidna - Zaglossus bruijnii Like all monotremes, the echindas are egg-laying mammals.