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Fernand Clément & Cie - 1895 - (Jean de Paleologue) -

Fernand Clement by Pal 1895 France - Vintage Poster Reproductions. This vertical French transportation poster features a woman riding a bike on a crescent moon in a starry sky with her hands up holding a lantern.

brighton rabbits (charlotte cory)

Beneath this familiar facade brews forced foster fecundity. These Brighton rabbits, photographed by Charlotte Cory, are seething with unrest. They shoot foster Rabbits, don't they?

(Audrey Benjaminsen)

Audrey Benjamin, 2014 This little delivery rabbit has been riding around in my head for quite a while. I’m glad he finally made it onto paper. I tried to take a softer approach to drawing using charcoal pencil with graphite