Feodor III of Russia

Feodor (Theodore) III Alexeyevich of Russia (in Russian: Фёдор III Алексеевич) (9 June 1661 – 7 May 1682) was the Tsar of all Russia between 1676 and 1682. Posthumous parsuna of Tsar Feodor Alexeevich Feodor was born in Moscow, the eldest surviving son of Tsar Alexis and Maria Miloslavskaya. In 1676, at the age of fifteen, he succeeded his father on the throne. He was endowed with a fine intellect and a noble disposition.
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Tsar Feodor Alexander, eldest son of Alexis, half-brother of Peter I.

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Marfa Matveyevna Apraksina (Russian: Ма́рфа Матве́евна Апра́ксина;) (1664–1716), was a Tsarina of Russia and the second spouse of Tsar Feodor III of Russia. She was the daughter of Matvey Vasilyevich Apraksin and Domna Bogdanovna Lovchikova. She was Feodor's second wife, and became his surviving heir as he died very shortly after marriage.

Unknown artist of the second half of the XVII century School of Armory Portrait of Queen Martha, nee. Apraksina - second wife of Tsar Fyodor Alekseevich No later than April 1682

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Feodor Alexeevich by P.

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Feodor January 1676 to 7 May 1682 Tsardom of Muscovy

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Feodor III of Russia by Dutch anonymous Hermitage) .

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Fedor III of Russia century engraving).