A decadent decade famous for flappers, gangsters, jazz and prohibition, the Roaring Twenties also encompassed several iconic styles of architecture and interior design. From the sleek curves of Art .

shapes are in, floral is out

VINTAGE Wallpaper Collection by Hemingway Design. Deco Diamond: Enamel – Inspired by glamour, this art-deco pattern takes its cue from the decade’s emerald onyx ornaments and enamel kitchenware.

classic  elegance

Art Deco Bathroom - traditional - bathroom - new york - Robin Muto This modern bathroom uses art deco inspiration by way of high gloss, the skyscraper design and the use of black.

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Read about architectural examples of Art Deco in Miami, and get details on guided and self-guided tours of the historic district.

the golden age

Shop Art Deco Climbing Strawberry Vines Square Wall Clock created by HoMeArts.