Flax fish for Matariki - Fifi Colston instructions

Flax fish for Matariki - Fifi Colston instructions Link with "The Little Fishes" legend -

Harakeke Classroom Chart | Te Reo Maori Resources

Two bilingual charts describing the harakeke plant and it's traditional and contemporary uses

more flax weaving

more flax weaving - this is an awesome machine - cutting the flax strips to precision! (lol is that a pasta maker?

Woven flax

Flax flowers for centrepieces- maybe my bouquet? will paint green and silver for…

Woven coconut frond hat tutorial. I remember these from when I was a child. Always wanted to know how to make them.

i want one of these Hat coconut leaves, video tutorial Would you like to own a Polynesian hat?

KETE - Wahakura - FLAX KETE by Eve.

Traditional Weaving - Maori Bassinette or Wahakura. Made by the talented Eve…

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