This is most likely from a magazine for a store showing 1920s teenager young men boys clothing suits which all include either a tie or a bow tie with a pop of color in each suit.

1920's Teenagers Mens Fashion - Suit, Shoes, & Hats with Pictures

Charles William Mağazaları 1920'lerde Takımları 800x1091 1920'lerde Erkek modası: Suit, Elbise Gömlek ve Aksesuarları Featuring Resmi Eğilimler

1920s Men's Fashions: Formal Trends Featuring Suits, Dress Shirts & Accessories

How to Dress like the Great Gatsby- Click to learn and shop for 1920s style mens clothing.

How to Dress Like The Great Gatsby Men

Lovely tailoring on her suit! 1920s Virginia Historical Society, Courtesy of Celia Estes,

Lovely tailoring on her suit! Virginia Historical Society, Courtesy of Celia Estes, I'm loving the black vintage fashion,Darlene,

1920 reporters | 1920s Mens Fashion History Gets Colorful photo

1920s Men's Fashion History Gets Colorful

Group portrait of four members of the White House News Photographers' Association, standing, facing front, holding cameras, circa

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