(Actual schedule used by a 1950s housewife.) Comparing Myself to a REAL1950's Wife - Women Living Well

Comparing Myself to a REAL1950's Wife

To do this, she worked as a mom, she cooked, and she cleaned. This made her the ideal housewife. I chose a picture of a housewife which represents how Penelope acted.

So I found a traditional schedule of a 1950s housewife. I already do quite a bit of it, but I don't bother making myself presentable unles...

A Traditional Housewife Against the World: Daily Cleaning Schedule - Housewife

HOME ALONE: A housewife at her chores in a Fifties poster

Woman’s guide to a lost world: A 1950s Housewife, by Sheila Hardy

Nothing wrong with wanting to be the ideal wife,...some of this is a lil silly though.

Things are Very different form how there were in the But we can all learn a little for reading about being a Good Housewife in the .

time warp wives - Click through for pix and story of 3 women who live 24/7 in the past.

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The 1950s housewife, getting ready to prepare a meal with her modern electric appliances.

A mid-century housewife getting ready to prepare a meal with her modern electric appliances. May be old but i like the idea of the built-in audio with extra outlets.

1950's - Housewife in a dress, apron and heels and the mailman personally…

Stock Photography of Mailman Delivering Mail To Woman Brick Suburban Home Aluminum Screen Door Delivery Man Housewife Mailbag Letter - Search Stock Photos, Pictures, Wall Murals, Images, and Photo Clipart -

1950s housewife  neat stuff, reminds of of Donna Reed!

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The 1950s housewife had a fairly iconic look – the perfectly coiffed soft perm, sharp make-up and a lovely dress that accentuated a nipped-i...

A beauty schedule for busy young wives. I know ladies back then set their hair in soft-perms generally, but I still find myself upset by a sentence including ".