1985 Corvette Coupe - Light Blue Metallic with Blue Interior

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1985 Corvette

1985 Corvette

C5 corvette wide fenders only pics!! - Corvette Forum

General - corvette wide fenders only pics! - Can we get a wide fender picture thread going.

c4 corvette | 1985 Corvette Overview - C4 Corvette - www.corvsport.com

1985 C4 Corvette

About The 1985 Corvette The 1985 Corvette saw no exterior design changes, but oh there were developments happening under the hood. The 1985 Corvette was equipped with a "Tuned Port Injection" syste.

Example of Light Bronze paint on a 1985 GM Corvette

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1985 Corvette: Dusty C4 - http://barnfinds.com/1985-corvette-dusty-c4/

It might not be an early Vette, but this could be a fun daily driver!

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1984 Corvette

1984 Corvette Engineering - Learn about the engineering of the 1984 Corvette as well as the planning behind the various changes to the car model in this section.

Mad Modded 1994 ZR-1 - New Benchmark Of Corvette Cool

Mad Modded 1994 - New Benchmark Of Corvette Cool -------->one of my fav corvette styles😎😎

1985 CORVETTE | by classicfordz

See at car show in thomson.

1985 Corvette

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1985 Corvette Indy

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1985 Corvette.   Maintenance/restoration of old/vintage vehicles: the material for new cogs/casters/gears/pads could be cast polyamide which I (Cast polyamide) can produce. My contact: tatjana.alic@windowslive.com

1985 Corvette

The 1985 Corvette truly dazzled inside and out.