I love Minzy's outfit in this picture! Goes well with her hair! :D

Minzy // // I love her outfit! It goes well with her hair!

Minzy's new concept photo!

After withdrawing from Minzy has been updating fans with her activities under her new agency The Music Works and that includes ac.

#2NE1 #Minzy [1st Albume : To Anyone] 2010.09

Minzy Rises to International Fame in Music – and also in fashion! @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database, discover the South Korean cinema and drama diversity

You'll always be my queen and my bias Stay strong minzy. Congrats on your upcoming solo debut. I'll support you forever

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Blackjacks will always support you! Thank you for all the memories with 2NE1!!! #THANKYOUMINZY #2NE1FOUREVER

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Tbh Minzy is an important member and she’s definitely gonna be missed, but let’s get over it. I’m excited for Comeback as 3 and a Minzy solo. It’s not YG’s fault, YG has made Minzy into a member of the strongest girl groups in the world.

EroMingkki ~ 2ne1's Maknae Minzy Official Thread - Page 126 ...

EroMingkki ~ Maknae Minzy Official Thread - Page 126 .