Loading that magazine is a pain! Get your Magazine speedloader today! http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind

add chris kyle rifles 600 4 2 of Chris Kyles favorites: Win Mag and TAC 338 Lapua Photos)

Love this thing. Spartan receiver with 20 carbon fiber barrel in Win mag. Manners folder with carbon fill.

I want this rifle as one of my 'bear protection' weapons for northern Alaska.

Kimber 8400 Advanced Tactical 300 win mag, bipod, rings and bolt done in Cerakote Magpul Flat Dark Earth. Scope done in Cerakote C-series Magpul Flat Dark Earth.

Sniper’s Hide is a community, brought together by the knowledge of the science and the appreciation of the art involved in long range shooting.

The Ruger American is an excellent value in a bolt-action rifle, and is accurate, rugged and dependable. Includes the Ruger Marksman adjustable trigger.

My dream AR platform rifle. This is a 1500 yard gun all day. Nemo Arms Omen rifle - an variant chambered in Winchester Magnum

Remington 700 with kit. one of the last things I "need" to complete my collection


I recently met up with Jason Davis late one night and took some photos of his firearms on the range. The three AR’s you are going to see are all Colts.